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Conservation Farming a Beacon of Hope

Kitavujja Haruna, started CF Hoe basins in 2013. Before CF, it would take him at least 2 days to prepare his rented field of 0.4Ha, and would only realize a maize yield of 0.7tons per season to support his family. To make matters worse, the weed pressure was too much, that his children had to help weed and they ended up missing school.

 His first trial of CF on 0.1Ha gave him a yield of 0.7tons, and when he compared with what he had been getting in past he was compelled to expand immediately. For 5 seasons now, he has been rotating beans and maize under CF, and has increased CF acreage from a ¼ acre to 4 acres out of the 6 acres he owns. He proudly points out that his land is fertile as crops grow with vigour even without fertilizer use. The increased harvests have improved his family income. “Now that we have a big harvest, I take the extra for sale in town. He even engages in grain trading buying from other farmers, bulks it and sells of at a profit. This is what he has to say, ““With CF you do not grow old fast because you only go to the field in the morning and use the rest of the day to rest or do other work.”” We haven’t improved our home yet, but our children are going to school and they don’t lack school materials. In fact, we have moved them from a government school to a private school. We can afford that now.” He has a radiant smile that shows a satisfied man.

Haruna has installed solar lighting in his home and has a motorbike; he no longer rents land, he owns land. For Haruna and his wife, the biggest gains of CF are the labour and time savings. All he has to say is thanks to the REDS DC Extensionists’ training and technical assistance.

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