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Kella Obero resides in Bed Lwolo village, Abako Sub County in Lira district (Northern Region). She learnt about CF-ADP Min till in 2012A season but was unyielding to try it out, until 2012B when she planted 1.2Ha of sorghum and realized 1.2tons compared to 0.6 tons she was getting before. Kella grows sorghum, soybean, maize and sunflower under CF. She is a very hard working farmer who confessed that she has realized better yields more than double what she used to get under conventional tillage.


She has gone onto buy 3 pairs of oxen to become a Tillage Service Provider (TSP) and is a prominent service provicer for CF-ADP, ripping 32 hectares on average per season at a charge of US$40 per Ha earning her US$1,280 per season. She is grateful that she and her fellow CF farmers have been able to cut down on the land preparation costs by more than a half from US$ 107 to US$40 per ha.

She says, “The reduced costs and time savings realized in land preparation and the high yields have enabled me increase my acreage under CF from 1.2 ha to 8.8 ha. I used to take a lot of time preparing and planting which limited the acreage under crop”. With a big sigh she proudly says “I have overcome those challenges”. The income she has realized from her harvests and provision of ripping services has taken her to greater heights in her community. She has invested part of the income into events management and catering services which were lacking in the whole of her sub-county. Kella says, “It is a business that can host up to 200 guests at once, very lucrative and a good additional source of income for the family. I have saved the community from hiring and transporting equipment from Lira town which is 45km away”. Kella has also constructed a commercial building along the main road that passes through their small trading center in Bed Lwolo. The building will be another source of income for the family”.

Kella is a happy woman, able to pay school fees for her children. All she says is “Thanks to REDS staff who insisted on trying out CF on my garden. I should plan on getting another ripper so that l rip for more farmers and fully utilize all my pairs of oxen”.

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